The year 2016 comes with the introduction of the Promonigeria Comper of the Year Annual Contest.
As my own little way of encouraging compers and promo winners, I would be featuring some compers on this blog. Many Nigerian companies running promotions don’t even realise quite how keen us compers are. Now that most prizes are up for grabs through prize draws, the secret to winning competitions is entering them….a lot of them.
A comper is someone who participates in promos, contests and deals, either online and offline.
There are so many competitions and giveaways in Nigeria which I periodically post on this blog and I am fully aware that a majority of my blog readers are major partakers in these deals.
So for these comp winners and many others, this is your chance to be noticed whilst also getting the chance to win some decent prizes as well.

To Participate:
-Simply send your picture, winning proof(s) (the announcement image or link) to
-Multiple entries are allowed

How it works:
At the last day of each month, a winner would be selected from the total entries received; selection would be by vote and the person with the highest or creative wins becomes the overall winner and crowned the Promonigeria comper of the year.

Comper of the month: N1,000
Comper of the year: N10,000

NB: Weekly winners would also be acknowledged

* Prizes are subject to change: If you wish to sponsor a prize contact me *

Have you won any mouth-watering prize, trip, cash or a contest participation that made a difference in your life? If yes, why not encourage newbie compers by sending in your winning experiences or testimonials to and it would be published on our blog.

The best prizes are the ones that money can’t buy – the experiences...


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