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I try my best to filter out promos which are too good to be true but my dreams of winning extend to the whole world so it is normal to find prizes like trips/stays outside of  Nigeria (I have won some all-expense paid trips abroad from experience). There are some contests and promos on this blog that are also open to other countries (not only from the Nigeria) or worldwide (everyone). If it might interest for you to know, I also enter most of the contests here - except from my own giveaways obviously.

There's a great lot of advantages to people who visit promonigeria.com:

• You get to see them all...'win a car' 'win a plot of land' ' win lots of cash', etc and seasonal giveaways eg; valentine, easter, independence day and don't forget christmas!

• Enquiry on any promo could be posted on this blog using the comment section and it would be discussed publicly

• You avoid getting scammed by fake brands and companies. Only genuine promos are published on this platform

• As an ardent reader of the blog, if you've got an ongoing promo you're participating in, i could publish the details and your vote link on this blog for our followers to throw in their votes for you

• I publish testimonials of winners (have you won anything yet?)

• I give free items on this blog and on our facebook page...yes giveaways!

• Lots more...

“Expect the unexpected. When you are well organized and efficient, it gives you an opportunity to manage yourself when something happens at the last minute.”

Be organised with Promonigeria.com.

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  1. I love promo Nigeria because of its creative measures, time and information updates. A site( promo Nigeria) that accommodate wide advertisement and relates more on Nigeria products and services by creating awareness for them. Encourage and show Nigerians the importance of their products and services and also make use of them more. Udodi Obianuju

  2. I Love promonigeria because is accurately informative is beneficiary infact no one would visit this blessful blog and get disappointed because you always find something that put smile in u. Ann God will bless u we realy appreciate u 4 what you have been doing twitter @GoniMhd, 2mcgoni@gmail.com

  3. Please who knows when is the pears baby competition starting?

  4. Like seriouly seriously i want 2 win d most active fb fan but i dnt knw d criterials

  5. Please when is the promo coming up again?

  6. Thanks for your kind heart and up to date information on promos and giveaways

  7. this cherie noodles promo is not good at all

  8. SMS MTB 20 to 33070 now and see what happens... Do it now.. For the next ten days..


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